Announcement on Gallop Races Falling Under The Derogation From the Principle of Non-Discrimination

This announcement is to comly with the following rule:


of 6.3.2020

laying down rules for the application of Directive 90/428/EEC as regards the derogations from the rules of equestrian competitions and amending Decision 2009/712/EC as regards references to zootechnical legislation


Due to Covid-19 lockdown, gallop racing in Hungary is suspended for an undefined period. Decisions on 2020 races will be made according to the measures taken by the competent organisation in the future. The below information will be updated according to the decisions on 2020 Racing Calendar.


Equestrian competitions and events falling under the derogation from the principle of non-discrimination laid down in Article 3 of Directive 90/428/EEC



Equestrian competition or event

Number of competitions/events falling under the derogation according to first indent of Article 4(2) of Directive 90/428/EEC